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Trumpet Pitcher, Sarracenia 'Acqerello.' Special Import.


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Unveil the extraordinary lineage of Sarracenia x "Acquerello," a masterpiece born from the convergence of two remarkable parent plants: 

  1. Sarracenia flava var atropurpurea F131D: This striking specimen, renowned for its imposing size and mesmerizing coloration, was carefully selected by Mirek and acquired during the Mira meeting in 2015. A true botanical gem that contributed to the creation of this captivating hybrid.
  2. Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora x leucophylla: Crafted by Gianluca Bergamo, this colossal moorei hybrid, standing at an impressive 105 cm, flaunts a fiery red hue. It serves as the second cornerstone in the lineage of Sarracenia x "Acquerello."

The "Acquerello" series, featuring Moorei All Red Giant hybrids, is renowned for its exceptional size and vibrant colors. Sarracenia x "Acquerello" #18, in particular, showcases a strikingly narrow and tall pitcher design adorned with a red-purple hue that borders on a deep black, making it the darkest among its peers. A true must-have for enthusiasts!

  • Ascidian color: A mesmerizing shade of dark red.
  • Peristome color: A rich and deep dark red.
  • Operculum color: Deeply hued in dark red.

These exceptional plants hail from self-produced seeds or reliable Italian growers, with a meticulous in-vitro sowing in 2018. The selection process involved keen observation of each plant's unique characteristics following acclimatization, ensuring the preservation of their precious genetics.

Botanical name

Sarracenia 'Flava var. Rubricorp. F131D x Moorei All Red Giant #18.'


You will not need to repot this plant upon receipt. We recommend that you do repot in winter dormancy, (around May, June to July) every 1 or 2 years, or when the media develops an unpleasant odour. Use a growing medium specifically for carnivorous plants.