ARS Medium Folding Saw, 150mm blade

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  • High carbon tapered steel blade
  • Tri-edge tooth design
  • Hard chrome plated for rust and sap resistance
  • Lightweight pull saw for less fatigue
  • Red plastic handle, folding blade


This convenient folding saw fits comfortably in the back pocket and provides ARS quality quick and easy sawing action when you need it. The saw features a Marquench hardened, precision ground, high carbon tool steel blade for improved sharpness and durability. The blade is hard chrome plated for rust and sap resistance.

The teeth are of medium coarseness to provide TURBOCUT action so you can rapidly cut through thicker branches, trunks or roots.


  • Cutting medium to large branches before final shaping of the cut with a branch or knob cutter.
  • Separating layerings from parent plant quickly and neatly.
  • Truncheon cuttings (hard or softwood material too thick to cut with a scissors)
  • Root pruning thicker roots leaving a clean cut to promote healing and reduce risk of wood rotting.

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