ARS Professional Pruning Shears, 200mm

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The high carbon steel blades of these professional shears made by leading Japanese toolmaker ARS, can cut plant material up to 22mm thick, thanks to its durable design and high quality construction.

Although it is 200mm in overall length, its super lightweight at only 220g and the soft PVC covered aluminium diecast handles are comfortable to hold even after many cuts. Comfort is indeed taken to the next level; opening of the tool is aided by a fully anchored wire coil spring which simply will not pop out.

The innovative locking mechanism requires just one hand to "squeeze open" the tool for immediate use. After use, simply push the clasp back into place and the tool can be safely stored.

Care of these ARS shears is also made easier as the blades are hard chrome plated so they resist rust and sap build up for longer. Try our ingenious crean mate which removes sap quickly and easily.

In case you do break something or simply need replacement parts due to wear and tear, we have those for you too. Just need to sharpen this tool, try one of these sharpeners.

Who should use this tool?

Vineyards, General Gardening, Arborists, Landscapers, Fruit Farms and even bonsai growers.

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