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Bahco SHARP-X Sharpening Stone

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  • Blade sharpener provides extra long life to the blades of all commonly used gardening implements.
  • Designed for use on all types of cutting blades including scissors, secateurs, pruning loppers, hedge shears and much more.
  • Double edge carbide blade for quick and easy sharpening
  • Durable construction ensures many years of trouble free use


The is a professional grade tungsten-carbide sharpener which can be used to re-sharpen all types of cutting blades. The simple two component plastic handle is comfortable in the hand; and secure with two stops that prevent your fingers from sliding onto the sharpening edges. The dual edges mean it can be used by left and right handed individuals, in any direction.


  • For grafting knives, pruners, loppers, knives, scissors, hedge shears and more.
  • To use, simply slide the tungsen-carbide sharpening edges along the edge of the surface you wish to sharpen a couple times.

As an alternative you should consider our Kaneshin fine whetstone.