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Biogrow Pyrol, 500ml

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Product Description

This certified organic product provides broad-spectrum control. It can be used as a dormant and growing season insect spray and kills all stages of insects, including eggs, on contact. It is a proprietary formulation consisting only of naturally occurring plant oils as active ingredients. It is truly an insecticide from plants for plants. It does not contain piperonyl butoxide as a synergist, and the active ingredients do not persist in the environment.

This product will give broad-spectrum control of most insect pests such as:

  • aphids, beetles (e.g., Colorado potato beetle. Flea beetle, Japanese beetle, asparagus beetle), caterpillars (e.g., gypsy moth caterpillars, tent caterpillar, diamondback moth larvae, leaf rollers).
  • ants, mealy bugs, mites, leafhoppers, scale, whitefly, adelgids, plant bugs, fungus gnats, thrips, sawfly larvae, psyllids, spittlebugs, and phylloxera.

See this page for more information about the problems listed above and how to identify them.

Suggested application rates

10-20ml / 1 L of water (Home & Garden)

1 L – 2 L per 100 L / water, use the lower rate against soft bodied insects. (Bulk Use)

Ensure thorough wetting on top and underside of leaves. Spray in coolest part of the day. Under high insect infestation apply every 7 days. Under periods of low infestation apply every 14 days. Repeat as necessary.Commence application as soon as the first signs of infestation can be noticed. Early intervention will ensure better results. Thoroughly apply to the entire plant surface and ensure careful coverage of the soil surrounding the plant. Do not apply in a tank mixture with other sprays or foliar feeds.

Active Ingredients

Pyrethrins (0.5%)

Canola Oil (89.5%)