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Bonsai LECA, 2 - 4mm whole and crushed



What is it?

Leca is expanded fired clay designed specifically for bonsai, orchid, flower-growing, horticulture and gardening. Leca does not contain organic substances, does not decompose, and is rot-free and parasite-free. It also does not affect salinity or the pH of growing mediums in which it is used.

Leca, in Peat Moss growing mediums limits excessive water retention, enhances drainage and increases the porosity for air, an essential factor for the proper growth of roots and plants. Ideal for rooting collected wild trees, or “yamadori.”

How to use?

In an average growing medium, use Leca and Peat Moss in a ratio of 70/30 for most trees. For increased water retention or to slow vegetative growth in more mature bonsai trees, increase the quantity of Peat Moss as needed. For collected or “yamadori” trees such as Wild Olives or False Olives, use pure Leca and water as often as necessary to maintain some moisture and promote rampant root growth.

BonsaiBoost is a great, 100% plant organic fertilizer to use along with fast draining growing media such as Leca. Its also one of our top selling products.

Bag Contents

2 - 4mm crushed and whole Leca particles

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Alistair A.
South Africa

Bonsai LECA, 2 - 4mm

Awesome for drainage and make pots much lighter. I love the product so much that I will use it every time I repot.

stephen h.
South Africa

New convert

Two months ago was the first time i had used leca and i am impressed on how well my trees look and have found it helps with increasing the time between watering, i have even started to use it in my garden. i am about to order my third Bach and i would recommend it to others

Jaco A.

Excellent additive

I use LECA to add volume and nutrient retention to my bulb and succulent growing mediums, while it also promotes excellent drainage. In addition, crushed LECA makes a neat surface topping for my pots, which discourages moss and algae growth at the same time. Bonsai LECA, especially the 2-4 mm size, is perfect for my purposes. It is an economical way to stretch the more expensive media such as pumice and akadama further, while giving up little in terms of drainage and root development. I would not recommend the round balls used in hydroponics. Get this instead - it is comparatively not much more expensive, but WAY better as a growing medium.

Jaco G.
South Africa


Excellent product mixed with akadama and pumice i would not use any athor nursery products again Thank you Mr Terry Jaco

kegan wilkinson


i wrote a review on this before when i got a 5l bag. i was happy wit the product but had a reservation as to the size of the rock and the fact that you had to sift and wash it. i was horribly mistaken, as when i got the 25l bucket of it it was a dream. and you get a bucket as a bonus. i have found good root production on cuttings aswell. great stuff no need to sift and wash and the rock size is actually perfict not sure if the product was different from the 5l to the 25l but i was amazed