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What is it?

Leca is expanded fired clay designed specifically for bonsai, orchid, flower-growing, horticulture and gardening. Leca does not contain organic substances, does not decompose, and is rot-free and parasite-free. It also does not affect salinity or the pH of growing mediums in which it is used.

Leca, in Peat Moss growing mediums limits excessive water retention, enhances drainage and increases the porosity for air, an essential factor for the proper growth of roots and plants. Ideal for rooting collected wild trees, or “yamadori.”

How to use?

In an average growing medium, use Leca and Peat Moss in a ratio of 70/30 for most trees. For increased water retention or to slow vegetative growth in more mature bonsai trees, increase the quantity of Peat Moss as needed. For collected or “yamadori” trees such as Wild Olives or False Olives, use pure Leca and water as often as necessary to maintain some moisture and promote rampant root growth.

BonsaiBoost is a great, 100% plant organic fertilizer to use along with fast draining growing media such as Leca. It's also one of our top selling products.

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