Crean Mate

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What is it?

Crean mate is an ingenious product from this Japanese manufacturer. Essentially a cleaning block Crean Mate is used to remove sap or resin from your tools. Most of us do not clean our tools immediately after use and so sap and resin from pruning work will build up on the tool. Eventually removing this is very challenging and many people resort to using water as well which in turn leads to oxidation of the tool surface. Crean mate is the solution. With almost no effort at all, Crean Mate can be used to remove even the thickest build up on your tools.

How to use

To use Crean Mate simply place a little Jojoba oil on the block and use like an eraser. You will be amazed at the results. If you have dirty pots with stubborn fertilizer or other stains, Crean Mate can even be used for cleaning these items.

This block will last you a very long time. I have had mine for several years now and see almost no change to the block's size.


65mm x 20mm x 20mm

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