Japanese Bonsai Pumice, Small, 3-6mm

What is it?

Pumice is a naturally occurring volcanic product. Due to the manner in which it is created in nature it has a soft texture and is rather porous. Its ability to withhold and release fertilizer slowly is quite high and therefore when used in a growing medium less frequent fertilizing is required. Pumice is also water retentive but drains exceptionally well and therefore it would be difficult to over water and create conditions conducive to root rot. Roots are not able to penetrate pumice, as is also the case with other media like Leca. However unlike Lecawhere the surface of the particle is hard, pumice is soft and based on internet surveys, it becomes apparent that roots like pumice and readily ramify in mixes which contain a fair amount of pumice in it.

How to use?

This particle size pumice is suited to shohin and general bonsai growing mixes. Available in 2L bag, 5L bag and 12L bags.

If I had only one soil component to use for bonsai it would be 100% pumice. If you have akadama, add some. - Michael Hagedorn

Pumice can be combined with other elements such as akadama or peat. Due to the good drainage qualities of pumice it is very often used to assist a sick tree to regain vigor and health. In such a case 100% pumice may be used.

Here are a few recipes from leading international bonsai practitioners:

Michael Hagedorn

80% pumice and 20% composted pine bark for strong roots and early tree development. Pumice provides the widest range of healthy growing conditions. You can over water it, under-water it, and it creates great fine root growth second only to pumice mixed with about 50% akadama

Boon Manakitivipart

1 part pumice, 1 part lava, 1 part akadama, 1 handful decomposed granite and 1 handful horticultural charcoal.

Bjorn Bjorholm

Akadama, lava rock, and pumice. Use a 1:1:1 ratio respectively for conifers and a 2:1:1 ratio respectively for deciduous and broadleaf evergreen species.

Peter Tea

2 parts akadama, 1 part hyuga (Japanese pumice) and 1 part coarse river sand.

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