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Kaneshin Handmade Grafting Knife, 190mm

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  • #1 Selling Kaneshin made grafting knife.
  • Suitable for novice and experts alike.
  • Shaped specifically for right-handed individuals.
  • Handmade and shipped in presentation box with certificate of authenticity.


This high quality tool is produced by hand in Japan. The gently curved blade makes it comfortable and easy to hold in the hand. The thick, solid blade is sturdy in the hand and will provide many years of use.


  • Suitable for most grafting techniques on all bonsai trees.
  • Ideal for use to clean large cuts after cutting with a saw, branch cutter or other tool but before sealing. This precise edge will ensure rapid callousing (healing).
  • Great for cuttings. Scissors are perfect for taking the cutting but may crush the live cambium unless extremely sharp. This will inhibit the initial root development. Re-cutting with this Kaneshin grafting knife will ensure the cut edges remain in a healthy condition.

The Kaneshin grafting knife should ideally be sharpened with a fine whetstone such as this.