Kaneshin SK Steel Scissors, Large, 185mm.

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  1. Handmade by highly skilled artisans in Japan from SK Carbon Steel.
  2. Each tool is neatly packaged and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  3. Very comfortable to hold with great control over cuts.
  4. Slightly textured surface finish feels good in the hand.


An all purpose scissors for all bonsai enthusiasts who are interested in a quality tool at a reasonable price. Useful for a range of typical maintenance tasks including cutting of leaves, thinner branches and even roots.


  1. Cutting leaves, branches and buds from middle to large bonsai
  2. May also be used to cut thinner roots.

Yasuki Steels

SK Steel Carbon Steel. Used to make scissors, kitchen knives and other general cutlery
Yellow Steel A higher quality form of SK Steel, where more impurities have been removed.
White Steel More rigid than yellow steel. This material is often used for hatchets and Deba knives
Blue Steel One of the best steels available for general cutlery. It is produced by adding chromium and tungsten to white steel
Silver Steel A form of Yasuki steel which does not easily rust

In the past, craftsmen used coloured paper to distinguish various steels. Back then they used blue, white and yellow colour paper. This is the origin of the naming of steels which is still held till today. It does not refer in any way to the colour of the metal.

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