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Karusumeito sealer, 150g

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If sold out, this product can be interchanged by Top Jin Sealer

When styling a bonsai tree, branches and twigs are cut leaving the live tissue exposed. Karusumeito tree sealant is applied to the wound to prevent infection as well as cracking due to drying out. Preventing the cut from drying out will ensure that the live cambium/tissue of the tree will be able to heal the scar quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Selection of a high quality sealant that adheres well to the wound is very important and Karusumeito tree sealer does just that. It is packaged in a toothpaste like tube which makes it easy to handle and to apply the required amount of sealer at the required spot on the tree without having to get one's hands "dirty." Once the wound has healed the sealer can be scraped away gently or peeled off.

As an alternative to the Karusumeito tree sealer you may wish to consider using the cut paste, this is especially effective at promoting fast, smooth healing of larger cuts such as when an entire branch is removed.

Make sure to apply the sealant thinly and evenly so that no areas of the wound are left uncoated.
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    Bonsai Tree Karusumeito sealer, 150g Review

    Karusumeito sealer

    On Terry’s advice I purchased the sealer. Photo taken 21 days post application … cambium is “rolling” (and 2 back buds). Five star product!

    Danie L.
    South Africa South Africa

    Perfect sealer

    The Karusumeito sealer has proven to be a remarkable enhancement to my styling routine. Its effortless application to even the tiniest cracks and wounds has yielded impressive results. I've witnessed significant enhancements in the health of cracked branches and the appearance of scars. I highly recommend it!

    Justin K.
    South Africa South Africa


    This sealer is easy to apply and comes in a generous size. Yet another great product from Bonsai Tree!

    Jesse E.
    South Africa South Africa

    Excellent Service

    First time I used this product. I was really impressed with the ease of use. It is now almost 2 months later and I cannot see any deterioration on the seal.

    Gerrit d.
    South Africa South Africa
    I recommend this product

    Seals the deal!

    Great sealer! I have Karusumeito (Callous Mate) as well as Top Jin in my tool bag, and use both when needed in different circumstances. I have found that the active ingredients in Karusumeito make my deciduous trees heal over and form callous very rapidly, so it's a great sealer when working with bigger wounds that you need healed on trunks or bigger branches during the development phase of a tree.

    Sean S.
    South Africa South Africa