Karusumeito sealer, 150g

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When styling a bonsai tree, branches and twigs are cut leaving the live tissue exposed. Karusumeito tree sealant is applied to the wound to prevent infection as well as cracking due to drying out. Preventing the cut from drying out will ensure that the live cambium/tissue of the tree will be able to heal the scar quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Selection of a high quality sealant that adheres well to the wound is very important and Karusumeito tree sealer does just that. It is packaged in a toothpaste like tube which makes it easy to handle and to apply the required amount of sealer at the required spot on the tree without having to get one's hands "dirty." Once the wound has healed the sealer can be scraped away gently or peeled off.

As an alternative to the Karusumeito tree sealer you may wish to consider using the cut paste, this is especially effective at promoting fast, smooth healing of larger cuts such as when an entire branch is removed.

Make sure to apply the sealant thinly and evenly so that no areas of the wound are left uncoated.

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