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Nibbler Extender for Dremel

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  • IMPERIAL version which fits Dremel and similar tools
  • CNC machined from a single piece of T431 high-tensile stainless steel
  • Maximum 20 000 rpm
  • Complete with solid support collet.
  • Fit any standard Dremel bits.  View our range of selected bits here.


This extender is designed to give you a longer reach when using standard Dremel or other similar bits.The extender increases the working length by 38mm.

Extenders are NOT to be used with Nibbler Maxi bits.

How to use

  1. Remove the collet and collet nut from your Dremel or similar Imperial threaded tool.
  2. Insert the solid collet (supplied)
  3. Thread the extender onto the shaft and tighten gently with a spanner.
  4. Insert your Dremel collet into the front of the extender.
  5. Thread the Dremel collet nut onto the extender.
  6. Insert any standard Dremel or similar bit and tighten as normal.


  • 7mm neck diameter
  • 48mm overall length