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Plastic Growing Container, Colander Type, 12.5cm


The use of colanders initially gained momentum in Japan through their use by several Japanese bonsai professionals to radically accelerate the development of young pines. Their techniques became globally recognized after they were featured in several Bonsai Today magazines.

The success of colander growing trees requires that a very open structured growing media be used to promote rapid root formation. However when the root tip reaches the edge of the colander it stops growing as there is insufficient moisture to sustain it. This results in the trunk issuing new roots. Ultimately the colander is filled with a network of dense, fibrous roots which promotes equally vigorous foliage development that rapidly leads to dramatic trunk thickening.


  1. Produced in South Africa for our extreme conditions
  2. Ample drainage space.
  3. Rigid lip for added structural support.
  4. Convenient size for young plants.

Recipe for success with colanders

Colander + Fast draining growing medium + Lots of fertilizer + Lots of water = Accelerated tree development

For growing medium I would suggest the Professional Mix (LECAcombined with White Peat) and for fertilizer I would suggest our top selling organic BonsaiBoost.