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Plastic, Tall Drainage Pot, 9 x 9 x 16cm



Produced in South Africa, these high quality plastic containers were developed for plants which require excellent drainage. The tall container and feet ensure good drainage.


  • Bonsai: These containers are ideal for developing cascade bonsai as they are tall or for developing cuttings or other material to be used for root over rock plantings. Combined with a good growing medium, you will not need to worry about root rot and will develop a very healthy, fibrous root system.
  • Carnivorous plants: As these containers drain very well and are slightly elevated from the surface on which it is placed, they are ideal for growing a wide variety of carnivorous plants. Imagine specimen dionaea or drosera. Smaller clumps of sarracenia will look incredible in them. The pitchers of Nepenthes will be able to cascade wonderfully given the extra height of these containers (You could modify the rim with holes, attach some wire or cord and then hang them too).