Professional Seedling Mix

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What is it?

Growing bonsai from seed can be a very rewarding experience. Using a good seedling medium ensures that your seedlings get off to the best start possible. 

Our Professional Seedling mix contains a mixture of Perlite, Coir and Peat Moss. Perlite is volcanic glass used to enhance aeration and drainage. It also retains moisture. Peat Moss is said to be a sterile medium and is harvested decayed plant material. Useful in this mix as it retains moisture and is very light. Coir is made from the husk of the coconut. Similar to Peat Moss in most respects however it is not as moisture retentive.

    How to use it

    Empty the contents of the bag into a suitable container with many drainage holes. Plant your seeds as directed and then water thoroughly. Place in a warm, sunny position although not in full sun, and keep slightly moist at all times. Damp sheets of newsprint paper are useful as a sort of mulch, covering the surface until the seeds germinate and can then be removed and discarded.

    Bag contents

    30% Perlite

    20% Peat Moss

    50% Coir

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