Top Jin M Paste, 200g

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If sold out, this product can be interchanged by Karusumeito sealer


  1. Contains sterilizing properties.
  2. Great value in easy to use tube.
  3. Apply as is, no mixing or kneading.
  4. Sufficient sealer to protect many hundreds of cuts.
  5. High quality sealer made in Japan.


Live plant tissue is exposed and vulnerable to infection when cut. A good sealer must be applied to the wound to prevent such infection as well as cracking due to drying out. Preventing the cut from drying out will ensure that the live cambium/tissue of the tree will be able to heal the scar quickly and as smoothly as possible. 


  1. Sealing of all cuts on difficult to heal species.
  2. Extensively used in the agricultural sector on fruiting trees.

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