Pressure Sprayer Attachment

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Ever worried just before you spray your bonsai trees with foliar feed or a pesticide whether you last used your sprayer to apply something more potent, and just how well you washed it?

Well you no longer need to worry as this very simple to use sprayer fits onto any plastic beverage bottle {not supplied}. Mix up whatever you need to spray, pour it into a bottle, screw on the sprayer, a couple pumps with the hand and you're spraying. Once you're done you can either rinse the bottle or recycle it.

Other features

  • Filter on the intake to prevent the nozzle from clogging.
  • Pressure relief valve ensures you can't damage the sprayer by over pumping it. 
  • Ribbed handle ensures a good, non-slip grip.
  • Fully adjustable spray from mist to solid.

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