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Butterwort, Pinguicula gigantea

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Pinguicula gigantea, commonly known as Butterwort, is an ideal houseplant choice, making them one of the most straightforward carnivorous plants to cultivate. During the summer months, a warm and humid climate should be maintained, whereas during the winter season, a cooler and drier environment is recommended. As these conditions are similar to those typically found in a home, Butterwort can be grown successfully in a sunny window or under lighting. If a green thumb is capable of nurturing African violets, cultivating Mexican Pinguicula should present no difficulty.

Insects that land on Butterwort leaves instantly realize their mistake, mired in the strong glue of stalked glands. Struggling to escape, they pull more and more glue until overwhelmed, often leaving twitching legs. Even minute insects like springtails can be trapped by one or two glands.

Pinguicula gigantea is a hardy, noteworthy species distinguished by its impressive size—its leaves can extend up to 30.5 cm in length. The foliage is a lush, buttery green. Sticky glands can be found on both sides of the leaf. Its flowers feature a violet hue with a striking purplish border, and it can be found naturally growing on hot and sunny cliff faces.

Botanical name

Pinguicula gigantea