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Clear DynaBall, air layering ball

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You can air layer material up to 15mm in diameter.


  • Easy to apply and very convenient
  • Funnel for easy watering
  • No cable ties required
  • UV protected in green
  • Reusable
  • Clear balls for visual confirmation of roots


“DynaBall” is a South African developed and manufactured solution for air layering.

Air layering is a very firmly established method of propagation where you require a genetic duplicate (or clone) of an existing plant. 

Which Dynaball to select?

The green DynaBall is UV protected, whereas the transparent ball allows for seeing the roots develop before your eyes. The hybrid DynaBall is half green and half transparent, the one half is UV protected and the other half provides a “window” to see when the roots have developed sufficiently for planting.

How to use

  1. Make parallel cuts roughly 4cm apart, around the stem of the plant using a very sharp knife/grafting knife/cutting blade. The bark should easily peel off.
  2. Dust Dynaroot powder or paint Dynaroot Gel 3 on the upper cut.
  3. Fill both sides of the Dynaball with thoroughly moistened sterile, water retentive growing medium such as Coco peat or Sphagnum moss.
  4. Secure the two halves of the Dynball with wet medium over the exposed area of the stem and close securely.
  5. Moisten the media as needed. The funnels on either end facilitates this.
  6. Depending on the species you could witness root formation within 14 days, but it is usually longer than this for most species.
  7. Once sufficient roots have formed you make cut the branch below the Dynaball using a sharp saw, then carefully remove the Dynball without disturbing the root ball and media. Plant your cloned plant and care for as normal.
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    Bonsai Tree Hybrid DynaBall, air layering ball ReviewBonsai Tree Hybrid DynaBall, air layering ball ReviewBonsai Tree Hybrid DynaBall, air layering ball Review

    Hybrid DynaBall, air layering ball,

    Great product, easy to use and proven success on using recommended method and material and of course what Bonsai is all about ...... patience for the root growth

    Daandre J.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Hybrid DynaBall, air layering ball Review


    Having never done Air layerings before I was a little hesitant to attempt it. I used the Green, Opaque Dynaball to do 6 air layers on a Ficus Microcarpa. After 33 days I removed 4 “successful” ones leaving the remaining 2 to become stronger. Two weeks later the other 2 were also strong enough to be removed. These are designed so clever … the little “funnel” made watering a breeze and I had no issues with the growing medium being washed out from the bottom funnel. Although the ones I used were “opaque” I found it easy to gauge the root development without having to frequently open the ball and disturb the fragile developing roots … as the developing ones tend to dry out much faster. Works like a “bomb” … Highly recommended!

    Danie L.

    Making air layering a breeze

    This is a fantastic device to use. Having used ziplock bags, masking tape, and cable ties this is such a boom for air layering in comparison. Thank you, Terry, for stocking such useful items for bonsai.

    Matthew R.
    South Africa South Africa

    So easy to use

    This product makes air layering so easy, and the clear side means you can check for roots without opening up your air layers

    daryn s.
    South Africa South Africa


    Impressed, lso easy to use, can't wait to see it in action.

    Faizal B.
    South Africa South Africa