Green T Mini Bonsai Turntable

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In order to save you delivery costs, upon receipt of your paid order, DHL will deliver directly from the Italian manufacturer. This usually takes 5 - 10 working days.

Bonsai Tree is pleased to offer you the latest product innovation from the makers of the very popular Green-T hydraulic lift table, the Green-T MINI. If you are crazy about all things small in bonsai then you really cannot do without one of these.

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Why choose this table?

  1. Option. 2 models available, standard vise and suction. The vise can secure the Mini turntable to any tabletop up to 55mm in thickness. The suction model is suitable for most flat surfaces.
  2. Robust. Working surface of 20 cm x 20cm and 21mm thick, so you can style small trees with ease.
  3. Stronger. The working surface is constructed from phenolic marine plywood, coated in solid non slip rubber (4 mm thick).
  4. Useful. Sturdy metal body. 4 removable steel anchor eyelets below the working surface so you can secure your tree when being used at an angle. The unique 3-axis tilting system rotates on a sphere so you can tilt your bonsai tree for better access, up to 90 degrees. Once positioned, lock the table into place with the mechanical lock.
  5. Portable. Height from table top to top of working surface of the Mini is 20cm. The standard vise model weights only 1.7kg and the suction model 2kg, so its light and small enough to take to workshops or even on holiday!

Need more information? Download the product brochure here.

All Green-T tables are proudly manufactured in Italy to the highest standards of craftsmanship and materials.

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