Japanese Black Pine


This informal upright Japanese Black Pine is an impressive bonsai tree. It has very mature, textured bark which adds tremendously to the appearance of age. The branches are also old, evident from the flaking bark. Ramification is advanced and there is much fine branching all along the branches, vital for creating foliage pads of volume. Needle length has been reduced through correct application of candle pruning technique and has resulted in many new buds.

Potted in a handmade, stamped Tokoname pot this mature bonsai tree is only in need of some wiring to set the foliage pads and it will be the star at any bonsai exhibition.  

This mature Japanese Black Pine was imported in 2013 and has adapted well to our local seasons. Repotting should be done in a year or two at most. 


Width: 540mm

Height: 390mm

Depth: 500mm

Measurements exclude the container. 

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