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Imported Japanese Black Pine

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Bunjin or literati (as known to the Chinese) is a very expressive and artistic bonsai style. This tree was purchased in Japan in Autumn of 2021. Although the structural design of the tree is largely set there are still some areas which can be filled over time with branches as the tree continues to develop. However the style or rather the environment suggested by it dictates that the tree not appear too lush, rather it should suggest a rather challenging situation. As such ramification should not be allowed to become too dense.

Japanese black pine are very hardy and strong growers meaning they can be grown in many parts of South Africa however a tropical like climate will not be best for them in the long term, they do need a colder period for dormancy.

Approximate age

35 years


Width: 600mm

Depth: 480mm

Height: 460mm

Measurements exclude the container. The display stand is not included.