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Ixia viridiflora, 2 mature bulbs. Rare and Indigenous.

You are buying bulbs NOT seeds or growing plants.

Discover the rarity and beauty of Ixia viridiflora, a captivating winter perennial distinguished by its vibrant turquoise petals and a unique purple-black "eye" at its center. This indigenous gem unfolds its delicate petals in sunlight, creating a mesmerizing display that graces your surroundings for several days. Resilient and enchanting, the Ixia viridiflora features upright, grass-like leaves and a corm root stock.

To ensure optimal growth, provide these plants with mostly sunny conditions during the winter growing season and protect them from frost. Cultivating them in a small pot with well-draining soil, composed of a mix of 2 parts coarse sand and 1 part potting soil, is recommended. With the right care, nurturing this plant becomes an effortless and truly thrilling experience.

Ixia viridiflora, one of the most beautiful turquoise flowers, is a rare find, flourishing in a small population high in the Tulbagh Mountains. The remarkable feature of drying old flowers, retaining their vibrant color for years, adds to the allure of this extraordinary species that can reach a height of 80 cm. Providing ample water and full sun, these plants bloom in October and November, offering a spectacular burst of beauty to your garden.