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Japanese Buddy Tape, 18mm x 60m


Buddy Tape is an amazing grafting and budding tape, specially created for grafting. This extraordinary tape is designed and made in Japan and is the worlds most advanced and best grafting tape known to grafting world. Its properties that include elasticity, self-adhesion, waterproofing, complete bud covering, biodegradability not only makes this tape unique all-in-one solution for grafting, it also makes the grafting process quick and easy, and ensures a high success rate. Buddy tape unlike other grafting tapes does not crack when graft union expands during the healing process, thereby increasing the chances of success.


  1. Convenient rolled tape form
  2. 18mm x 60m/roll continuous non-perforated roll.
  3. Easy to stretch, it can be stretched up to 8 times its original length.
  4. Very pliable and elastic after stretching.
  5. Self-adhesive after stretching.
  6. Eliminates the need for wax for sealing.
  7. Eliminates the need for rubber band and other tying materials.
  8. High success rate in grafting and budding operations with consistently taller young plants
  9. Graft area is held securely by thinly stretched and wound layers of buddy tape.

Buddy tape protects the new graft area from drying out and from cold temperatures, yet its permeability allows the area to breathe which is essential for a scion to stay alive.
Young sprouts can break through Buddy tape, thereby eliminating the need to remove tape. Tape will automatically slowly degrade within 5 to 6 months.

Easy and Fast application

Buddy tape elasticity and self adhesive quality cuts tying time from the grafting and budding operation. Control your tape length with these non-perforated rolls. Buddy tape disintegrates in sunlight over approximately 5 to 6 months, therefore tape removal is not necessary after graft heals.

Consideration for the Environment

Buddy tape will not harm the environment. It is made of olefin materials and is degradable in sunlight.

Tips on usage

  1. Start wrapping the scion, rootstock/union by stretching slowly. Slow stretch ensures tape stretch to 8 times its size, stretch as you go.
  2. If you need to break a small piece, try quick snap method where you hold the tape tightly between your thumb and index finger of both hands on each side and moving the hands in a shear motion quickly across the tape (not along the tape) in a snap, it will break without stretching.
  3. Buddy Tape should be wound up three times around the budding or grafting area, stretching as you go.
  4. In case of T-budding, Buddy tape should be wound the budding area, stretching as you go.
  5. Store Buddy tape in a cool, dark place, preferably in a sandwich bag. Avoid exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight when in storage. Avoid storing in garages.
  6. Do not soak Buddy tape in water. Avoid exposure to high humidity.
  7. If Buddy tape is heated up to more than 50 degree centigrade, it will stick together in its rolled state and the separate layers will not peel off.
  8. Refrain from use in rainy weather or in temperatures below 15 degree centigrade at the time of application.