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Japanese Pumice (Hyuga), Fine, 1-3mm

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Please note that 3 different sizes of this product is stocked; Fine (1-3mm), Small (3-6mm) and Medium (5-8mm).

What is it?

Japanese pumice, or Hyuga as it is known in Japan is a naturally occurring volcanic product from the south part of Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan.

Hyuga vs Pumice

These two products are very similar in characteristics however due to the manner in which this Hyuga is formed in nature it is slightly softer and more porous than conventional pumice. In fact Hyuga is so porous it will sink, which reduces erosion when watering. 

Due to the porosity of Hyuga aggregates in your growing mixes it enhances:

  1. water retention
  2. nutrients
  3. oxygen

It is suitable for a wide range of plant species as it has an essentially neutral pH of 6.

How to use?

Japanese pumice is recommended for Rhododendron (including Azalea), general pot plants, orchids and it of course forms a crucial part of many bonsai growing mixes.

If I had only one soil component to use for bonsai it would be 100% pumice. If you have akadama, add some. - Michael Hagedorn

As Hyuga will not under normal circumstances break down it can be sifted and re-used however if you intend doing so a disinfecting treatment using Sporekill is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of spreading fungal or bacterial issues.

Hyuga can be combined with other elements such as akadama or peat (no more than 20% of the total mix). Due to the good drainage qualities of hyuga it is very often used to assist a sick tree to regain vigor and health. In such a case 100% Japanese pumice may be used.

For typical growing conditions, a ratio of 1(akadama) : 1(pumice) can be used. For plants which prefer more moisture you can double the quantity of akadama.

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    Thiaan L.
    South Africa South Africa

    GREAT product...

    you won't know until you've tried it... my bonsai have never been happier..

    Maryna W.
    South Africa South Africa


    HI Terry / Bonsai Tree I am just a novice, but I have used this Akadama, Leca and Pumice with some coconut peat as my newest gravelmix for the planting of my precious Haworthia's and other succulents, and so far they seems happy. I will now more in a few months time on how they grow in this medium. And they look stunning in the beautiful small ceramic colourful pots. I have not used the bonsai pots yet but they are stunning and good quality. Thank you for a speedy and excelent service..!

    Daniel L.
    South Africa South Africa


    Very happy with the performance of this substrate. Fit for purpose

    A Bonsai Tree Customer
    Denis J.
    South Africa

    Japanese Pumice

    I have repotted 9 of my 36 Bonsai into the new medium mixed with compost. The colour of the foliage is amazing and despite the winter, the regrowth of roots and foliage is amazing

    Jasper .
    South Africa

    Absolutely perfect

    The smaller particle pumice is exactly what I've been looking for to use in my mix for finer rooted succulents. The drainage and water-wicking capacity of the hyuga means I can leave even very sensitive succulents (like lophophora williamsi, for example) out in the days-long torrential Joburg rain without stressing even a small bit, and the health of all my plants is marked when they're in the hyuga. Can't wait until Spring to put some of my smaller bonsai into it!