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Kaneshin Root Cutters, 270mm

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These bonsai root cutters are very versatile tools. First it should be pointed at that they are designed to be strong and are rather robust tools so can safely be used for making demanding cuts.

Primarily these root cutters were designed for removing roots when repotting. As time passes, the roots of your bonsai thicken in the pot. These roots are not desirable as they favour storage of foodstuffs rather than collecting it. The kind of root we need to encourage are the fine feeder roots. So we need to remove these thick roots every time we repot. This process also promotes better looking surface roots.

The other uses of these root cutters include shaping of large cuts. You can use the tool to nibble away at the excess wood which needs to be removed. It is better to use a tool like this than to use a branch cutter, and risk breaking it.

These high quality root cutters are made in Japan by craftsmen who have trained for a minimum of 10 years to achieve the skills required to product tools of such high precision. As with all our Kaneshin tools, these branch cutters are handmade and each tool is boxed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.




Black Steel



Tip: To cut safely and without potentially damaging the tool, the branch thickness to be cut cannot be more than 1/2 to 1/3rd the length of the blade.
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    High Quality

    Very good quality, as expected of any kaneshin tools. would recommend this tool to anyone!

    Herman v.
    South Africa South Africa

    Nice Cutters

    I got this item from Terry just before I started potting. I use it more that I expected. Another use that popped up is using it to split deadwood on bigger branches. Very usefull

    Ben -.

    Buying cheap, is buying expensive

    When I first saw the price of Japanese Bonsai tools, I thought it was a bit steep. But after going through about three of the cheaper makes, my wife decided that's it, 'were going Japanese'. Had to cut some mega roots since I got this Kaneshin root cutter, and it still looks and feel like I bought it yesterday. Great clean cuts, and fantastic to work with. Definitely worth spending a bit more, and get the 'real' deal.