Kikuwa Grafting Knife, 195mm

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If you have ever wanted to perform any grafts on your bonsai trees then this is the ideal grafting knife to get started with.

Grafting is used to primarily place branches where there currently aren't any. This is frequently needed on species such as pines which can easily become "leggy." However grafting can also be used if you wish to replace the foliage type of a juniper with a nice trunk, with better foliage.

I often use my grafting knife when I am doing approach grafts on maples also, to enlarge the groove I am making to receive the graft. As these tools are kept extremely sharp the cut they make is clean and is able to heal quickly. This makes them ideal for this sort of work.

Grafting knives can also be used to clean the cut made by a branch cutter, before sealing the cut. This final step of cleanly cutting the live tissue ensures the cut heals quickly and cleanly, with the least risk to the plant for disease to infect the tree through damaged tissue.

This grafting knife, made in Japan by Kaneshin is for right handed people only and is sold in a protective plastic pouch.







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