Kobayashi Hard Akadama, Small, 3-5mm, 17L

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  1. Consistent particle size = 3 ~ 5mm
  2. 17L bag (Ibaraki brand is 14L). ITS 30% CHEAPER
  3. High quality and economical alternative to Ibaraki brand akadama.
  4. Hard type (retains shape longest)
  5. Exclusively imported from Japan by Bonsai Tree.


Akadama is a granular volcanic clay-like (although it is not clay) mineral which occurs naturally in Japan. It has been extensively used in Japan for many years as a growing medium for bonsai trees and other container-grown plants. It has many unique qualities, one of which is that when it is wet it has a darker colour so indicates when watering is needed. Akadama is unique as a growing medium and is sought after due to its ability for water retention and nutrients due to its high CEC value. However at the same time it provides porosity and free drainage.


Aquascaping and Shrimp

  1. Assists in maintaining tank equilibrium and stability.
  2. Safely buffers pH and keeps it stable for up to 3 years.
  3. No initial ammonia spike.
  4. A natural product which does not leach anything into the water.
  5. Usually FINE or SMALL particle size is used for this application.


  1. Produces a proliferation of feeder roots system which are able to support highly ramified trees.
  2. Has good CEC value, providing steady release of nutrients to the plant. 
  3. Great for rooting all forms of cuttings.
  4. Combine with equivalent size pumice and lava to retain soil drainage structure.
  5. SMALL akadama is used for medium to large bonsai.


  1. Promotes exceptional, healthy growth and leaf colour saturation.
  2. Great for rooting a variety of succulent species.
  3. Usually mixed with equivalent size pumice.
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