Ludwig’s Vigarosa Fertilizer 5:1:5(25), 750g.

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Ludwig’s Vigorosa Fertilizer 5:1:5(25) is a multi-purpose organically enriched fertilizer.


    Roses, ornamental flowers and shrubs, vegetables, lawns, groundcovers and container plants.

    1. For both newly plants and established rose bushes.
    2. Can be used throughout the growing season on lawns.
    3. Covers 25m2 lawn
    4. Apply to container plants according to the details table supplied on the packaging.


    • 113g/kg N, 22g/kg P, 113g/kg K.
    • 17g/kg Mg, 14g/kg Ca, 120g/kg S. K6327 Act36 of 1947.

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