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Narcissus cantabricus, 5 bulbs. Rare and Exotic.

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Meet Narcissus bulbocodium, affectionately dubbed the "hoop-petticoat daffodil," a petite marvel in the bulb universe. Standing at a modest 10–15 cm, this variable and resilient perennial boasts slender, grass-like leaves and enchanting deep yellow trumpet-shaped flowers, heralding the arrival of mid-Spring with a captivating visual display. The golden conical cup-flowers, adorned with narrow pointed petals, create a delightful and enduring spectacle. Narcissus bulbocodium is a prolific performer, generously offering 3-5 blossoms per bulb and the potential for self-seeding.

This low-growing wonder thrives in full sun, effortlessly adapting to medium moisture and well-drained soil. During the growing season, maintain consistent soil moisture, but exercise restraint as the foliage begins to fade. Narcissus bulbocodium, a small wonder, leaves a lasting impression, infusing your garden with sunshine and elegance. Another noteworthy member, Narcissus cantabricus, belongs to the miniature species, originating from the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These resilient bulbs, capable of withstanding hot, dry summers, can produce several flowers each, typically blooming 4 to 6 weeks after planting. Plant them together in April/May to maximize their impact and enjoy the enduring beauty of these hardy blooms.