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Sparaxis acutilobus (gold), 5 bulbs. Rare and Indigenous.

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You are buying bulbs NOT seeds or growing plants.

Embark on a journey to behold the exquisite beauty of Sparaxis acutilobus, a rare and indigenous gem also known as Botterlelie, Fluweelblom, and Fluweeltjie. This South African perennial bulb, standing proudly at a height of up to 25cm, graces the landscape with its enduring bright yellow flowers during the Spring season. Boasting a unique Winter-growing and Summer-dormant nature, Sparaxis acutilobus proves to be a versatile choice for both gardens and containers.

To optimize its growth, plant this distinctive perennial in Autumn, and watch it flourish into a stunning display of vibrant yellow blooms. Sparaxis acutilobus, distinguished as the only pure yellow Sparaxis, captivates with a remarkable show when provided with full sun and abundant water. For an enhanced effect, consider planting 3 or 4 bulbs per pot. Remarkably, it can also thrive when left in the soil, showcasing its resilience and adaptability.

Once abundant in Namaqualand, Sparaxis acutilobus is regrettably scarce today, adding an element of rarity to its allure. Seize the opportunity to cultivate this captivating beauty by planting in April and witnessing the resurgence of its vibrant, sunny presence in your garden or containers.