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Sporekill is a revolutionary sanitizer, contact bactericide and fungicide which is popular with the professional or retail nurseryman.

The benefit

Bonsai Tree has now made this indispensable product available to you, the consumer so you may also experience the benefits of controlling and eradicating problems in the area where you keep your plants and by combating problematic fungi which cause all manner of problems to bonsai trees, roses and ornamental plants in general.

Why you should be using Sporekill:

  • For the disinfection of all growing surfaces including trays, containers, benches and walls - spaces where your plants are kept.
  • Sporekill can also be added to rainwater storage tanks ensuring irrigation water is free of spores which may be harmful to your plants.
  • Sporekill is an effective treatment for troublesome fungi such as Anthracnose, Powdery mildew and Black spot to mention a few and can be sprayed directly onto plants.

Product Advantages

It is not necessary to use a wetting agent with Sporekill as it already contains this. Sporekill is compatible with many different fungicides such as Unizeb and so it can safely be combined with such products and its efficacy is also not pH dependant.

Suggested application rates*

1ml/L water when used together with a fungicide such as Unizeb.

5ml/10L water foliar spray as a plant sanitizer

When used with a fungicide, repeat use as per the fungicide instructions. When used as a plant sanitizer repeat every 7 - 10 days. 

*For reference purposes only and not a substitute for reading the manufacturers insert.

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