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Sundew, Drosera binata dichotoma extrema

12 reviews

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Drosera binata, or as it is commonly known; "Forked Sundew" or also "Fork-leaved Sundew", grows to a rather large, perennial sundew. It originates from Australia as well as New Zealand. The latin is apt for this plant as it refers to its "pairs" of leaves.


Hapless insects stick to the glistening, sticky fluid secreted onto the bulbous heads of the stalks on the leaf tentacles. Some say that this sticky fluids is scented to attract prey. However it does contain a weak acid and enzymes which have the ability to digest the softer tissue of prey. When an insect is caught, nearby tentacles are able to move, leaning to envelop it.

Growing Sundews

Drosera binata is very hardy. Always keep potted plants in a 1-3 cm deep saucer of fresh water, as they must remain moist at all times. If growing indoors then place in a northern or eastern direction so the plant gets maximum sunlight. If growing outdoors then place them in full sun to semi-shade.

Aphids, mealy bug and thrips may attack your plant. If so, treat affected plants with a pesticide (diluted according to package instructions) or remove the pests by hand. Never use a soap-based insecticide.

Botanical name

Drosera binata dichotoma extrema

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    Bonsai Tree Sundew, Drosera aliciae ReviewBonsai Tree Sundew, Drosera aliciae ReviewBonsai Tree Sundew, Drosera aliciae Review
    Best plant delivery experience

    Just the idea of getting a plant deliverd made me very hesitant, but the whole experience was perfect. Plants arrived in great condition and loved the added freebies. The sundew is doing really well and has already flowers with one more stem on the way.

    Zinhle M.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Sundew, Drosera aliciae ReviewBonsai Tree Sundew, Drosera aliciae Review
    Droseara carniverous plant

    I was so happy with my delivery. Cleverly packed and remained moist, with not a petal lost. I have wanted this particular plant for a long time and so happy to have found it here. Thank you for making my purchase a really great experience. I absolutely Love the plant.

    Kim S.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree

    Thanks so much Kim for the review and pics! We have been struggling to find a reliable solution for transporting these plants, without bare rooting them as many other resellers do. I am very happy that our current solution is working. Your plant looks most healthy by the way in its new home!

    Excellent Service as always!

    Thank you for the great service, Terry. We absolutely love the new addition to our family of carnivorous plants!

    Lisa &.
    South Africa
    Buying carnivorous plants on line

    I was very surprised when receiving the plants. They were in a perfect condition and very nicely packed. Then on top of that, all the info and samples that were send with. Thank you for the good communication. I will definitely buy from you in the future

    Madelein S.
    South Africa South Africa
    Amazing Service

    Being a first-time buyer of a Cape Sundew, I was pretty unsure of what the plant requires to survive, but the team at Bonsai Tree were patient & helpful. For transit, the plant was definitely securely packaged in order to keep it safe and secure. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will certainly be buying from Bonsai Tree again and again and again in the future.

    Colin S.
    South Africa South Africa