Sundew, Drosera capensis

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Price is for a single, potted plant in 9cm plastic container.

Drosera capensis is a robust, carnivorous, evergreen perennial which usually grows to a height of 150 mm and naturally occurs in the South Western Cape of South Africa in marshes, beside streams or in generally damp fynbos areas. It bears between 15 and 30 simple, pinkish flowers on a single stem between December till January


Hapless insects stick to the glistening, sticky fluid secreted onto the bulbous heads of the stalks on the leaf tentacles. Some say that this sticky fluids is scented to attract prey. However it does contain a weak acid and enzymes which have the ability to digest the softer tissue of prey. When an insect is caught, nearby tentacles are able to move, leaning to envelop it.

Growing Sundews

Drosera capensis is very hardy. Always keep potted plants in a 1-3 cm deep saucer of fresh water, as they must remain moist at all times. If growing indoors then place in a northern or eastern direction so the plant gets maximum sunlight. If growing outdoors then place them in full sun to semi-shade.

Aphids, mealy bug and thrips may attack your plant. If so, treat affected plants with a pesticide (diluted according to package instructions) or remove the pests by hand. Never use a soap-based insecticide.

Botanical name

Drosera capensis

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