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Tropical Pitcher, Nepenthes 'glandulifera x boschiana'

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Nepenthes, or Tropical Pitcher plants' natural habitats are rather diverse and range from Madagascar and India to northern Australia, New Caledonia, and the Philippines. They are can be found on beaches, in hot and humid jungles or cold, windy hills. The various species in this genus grow in equally diverse growing mediums including sand, acid bogs, or alkaline volcanic soils.


This Tropical Pitcher plant will thrive best in a bright, warm position such as a greenhouse, terrarium or windowsill.


You should keep the soil moist at all times but do not keep standing in water like many other carnivorous bog plants. You can water from overhead or soak the entire container in good quality water (preferably rain or RO water although tap-water is tolerated better than most carnivorous plants) for a few seconds. If possible, try to avoid watering the trap although some water in them will actually be of benefit to the plant in times of drier weather.

Botanical name

Nepenthes (glandulifera x boschiana) x (ventricosa x ramispina), clone 3