Trumpet Pitcher, Sarracenia 'Bella'


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The Sarracenia, or American Pitcher plant can be found naturally growing in North America. These carnivorous plants are one of the easiest to grow. Should you have a spot outside which will receive full sun and where you can provide the plants with good, clean water then you too can grow Sarracenia.

Sarracenia 'Bella” is a hybrid crossed between S. Juthatip Soper and S. Leucophylla. It has upright pitchers to 30cm featuring beautiful white patterns with red veining. Easy to grow.

Commonly grown in pots sitting in water, Sarracenia should never be allowed to dry out. Always keep pots in a few centimeters of water. If you have a number of plants you can place them all in a tray filled with water which you can top up as and when needed.

Botanical name

Trumpet Pitcher, Sarracenia 'Bella' (S. Juthatip Soper x S. Leucophylla)

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