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Trumpet Pitcher, Sarracenia 'Sarracenia (64)'

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The Sarracenia, or American Pitcher plant can be found naturally growing in North America. These carnivorous plants are one of the easiest to grow. Should you have a spot outside which will receive full sun and where you can provide the plants with good, clean water then you too can grow Sarracenia.

Sarracenia '64' is a hybrid crossed between:

S. Leucophylla Red & White very stock Autumn Pitcher Plant originally brought in by Dave Taylor, late 70's (Mking L64) (LE 44 RVL)


S. Purpurea ssp purpurea var heterophylls x S. Flava var Rubricorpora -- clate SX70 (CA)

Commonly grown in pots sitting in water, Sarracenia should never be allowed to dry out. Always keep pots in a few centimeters of water. If you have a number of plants you can place them all in a tray filled with water which you can top up as and when needed.