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Venus Fly Trap, 'B52.' Special Import.


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Dionaea muscipula ‘B52’ is a historically famous clone. A sprawling giant with often upright traps, bright green in color with a dark red interior. It features giant traps and is considered one of the largest clones overall. Another distinguishing characteristic is the slightly lighter tip of the teeth, which is turned outward. The B52 Venus Fly Trap boasts a rich history and stunning appearance. With its towering size and vibrant coloring, it's sure to make a statement in any collection. Plus, its uniquely-shaped teeth add an extra touch of intrigue to this already captivating plant.


  • Shape: prostrate, giant
  • Leaves: green, standard shaped.
  • Traps: red, giant
  • Teeth: long, thin, slightly lighter tip which is turned outward.

Price is for a single, potted plant in plastic container. Plant images are depictions only, representative of the species and not necessarily the plant you will receive.