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Venus Fly Trap, 'Big Dracula.' Collectible import.

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Description: A giant plant with saw teeth and a peculiar red line outside the teeth! One of the creations that represents the spearhead of Diflora. Similar to the "dracula" clone but giant! Prostrate at a young age, later erect. Bright green in color with a very dark red, tending towards purple, inside the traps. It has large arched traps, with a dark red line outside the trap. Characteristic dentition of the "dracula" clone: ​​small, robust and triangular in shape.
Watering: Moist to wet
Light: Full to very bright light
Location: Outdoors, windowsill, terrarium, greenhouse
Dormancy: Yes

Venus Fly Trap Care


Flytraps are happy in a variety of growing conditions including frost or light freeze; outdoors, windowsill, terrarium or greenhouse is fine. They will thrive in full sun and develop their best red colours in very bright light.


Soil should be evenly moist. Water from below with mineral-free water such as RO, distilled or rainwater. The tray method filled with 1-2.5cm of water, and the potted flytrap placed into it works best during the growing season.


As days shorten and temperatures drop, plant growth slows. It may appear to be dying, losing all its traps, however it is likely only going dormant. When this happens don’t worry, let it rest, its normal. Reduce watering by allowing the tray to become dry before topping up. The soil should always remain moist. 


Venus flytraps feed monthly during active growth. Allow plants to catch their own prey and never feed them meat or cheese. Indoors they will still attract and capture insects. Traps work for 3-4 feedings then turn black. You may trim these away as they will be replaced. Avoid triggering the traps yourself, unless feeding. This wastes energy and if repeatedly done, may kill it. Once or twice is ok though.


You will not need to repot this plant upon receipt. We recommend that you do repot in winter dormancy, (around May, June to July) every 1 or 2 years, or when the media develops an unpleasant odour. Use a growing medium specifically for carnivorous plants.


Remove the flower spike when it forms in spring as this weakens the plant, possibly even to death.

Price is for a single, potted plant in plastic container. Plant images are depictions only, representative of the species and not necessarily the plant you will receive.

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    Bonsai Tree Venus Fly Trap, 'Cup Trap.' Special Import. Review

    Awesome mutated traps

    Plant is healthy and unique, though quite small still. Will grow much more after dormancy. Awesome addition to the collection.

    Brandon P.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Venus Fly Trap, 'Cup Trap.' Special Import. Review

    Expectations Exceeded

    As with my previous purchases from Bonsai Tree, the 'little' critter-eater I received was very well-protected for transport and arrived healthy & safe. A wonderful addition to my Death Garden at home. I will most definitely be buying more bug-busting plants from Bonsai Tree in the future!

    Colin S.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Tree Venus Fly Trap, 'Cup Trap.' Special Import. Review

    Just want to cuddle her

    Her traps look like they are finished off with beautiful fine lace, sown delicately around the very edges. Captivating colours which almost change when you turn her in the sun. Love her, love her, love her ❤️

    Lee N.
    Rwanda Rwanda
    Bonsai Tree Venus Fly Trap, 'Cup Trap.' Special Import. ReviewBonsai Tree Venus Fly Trap, 'Cup Trap.' Special Import. Review


    I can see why this was named Werewolf. It's traps honestly look like a dog snarling and growling at you. Absolutely magnificent specimen and a must have to any enthusiasts collection.

    Lee N.
    Rwanda Rwanda
    Bonsai Tree Venus Fly Trap, 'Cup Trap.' Special Import. Review

    Amazingly Beautiful

    Alien is at the moment my most beautiful of all my flytraps. It looks great

    South Africa South Africa