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Venus Fly Trap, 'DCXL x Up Giant.' Special Import.

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Discover the extraordinary Dionaea muscipula DCXL x Up-Giant #1. This exceptional specimen was meticulously selected and nurtured by the experts at Diflora, originating from impressive Giant parentage. It's a true Dionaea creation by Diflora, resulting from a cross featuring two of the largest Venus flytraps globally, promising remarkable dimensions.

Admire its unique attributes, including short and irregular dentition, initially squat seasonal traps akin to the DCXL, and stout, wide petioles. Over time, watch as the traps transform into a brilliant shade of red. This prostrate carnivorous plant boasts bright green leaves and striking red traps with short, robust, and irregular teeth. Experience the wonders of nature with Dionaea muscipula DCXL x Up-Giant #1.

Price is for a single, potted plant in plastic container. Plant images are depictions only, representative of the species and not necessarily the plant you will receive.