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Venus Fly Trap, 'G16'

Price is for a single, potted plant in 9cm plastic container.

Commonly called the Venus Flytrap, these plants originate from the coastal plains of southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina. It is actually a very robust plant that can adapt to a very wide range of habitats. You can grow these plants in a manmade bog or indoors, if you have sufficient light. You do not need a terrarium to grow these popular carnivorous plants. 

Growing the Venus Fly Trap


If at all possible grow them outside in full sun. You may also grow it indoors but it need a lot of light so be sure you place it near a window with maximum exposure.  


The plant should always be standing in a few centimeters of the pure water. These trays are a very popular solution into which you can neatly fit 3 plants. Try to use distilled, reverse osmosis, or clean rain water. 


These are hungry plants and if they are not catching their own food you may need to give them a hand. You should ideally feed the traps with live insects. If you use dead food, the traps may need to be stimulated to close in order to digest the insect.

Botanical name

Dionaea muscipula, 'G16'