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Venus Fly Trap, 'Kurze Zahne.' Special Import.

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Introducing Dionaea muscipula 'Kurze Zahne', a captivating carnivorous plant with distinctive short teeth that transform into a vibrant reddish hue when bathed in ample sunlight. This striking transformation adds a touch of intrigue to its appearance, making it a captivating addition to your collection.

With an upright spring habit that ranges from erect to prostrate, its bright green leaves provide a vivid canvas for the intense red hue of its internal traps. While the teeth on this specimen are short, they are robust and perfectly complement the plant's unique character. Experience the wonder of nature with Dionaea muscipula 'Kurze Zahne', a testament to the captivating world of carnivorous plants.

Price is for a single, potted plant in plastic container. Plant images are depictions only, representative of the species and not necessarily the plant you will receive.