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Tree Talk

japanese red pine repotting

Repotting a Japanese Red Pine

12 min read

Unlike deciduous trees, when we repot evergreens, or in this case an old Japanese Red Pine, we need to treat the roots with a little more respect. We cannot remove as much of the rootball neither can we wash the old soil off. In this post I will show you how to safely repot a pine tree using plenty of photos and accompanying descriptions.

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repotting bonsai trees

How to repot your bonsai

7 min read

This is the last in the blog series on repotting bonsai trees. In this post we will go through the steps of repotting your tree. Using a series of images with accompanied explanations and tips mixed into the mix, you should be able to repot your tree with confidence.

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What to do with your bonsai when it rains continuously

What to do when it rains continuously

2 min read

A quick blog post in which I share a very practical tip about elevating bonsai pots in winter or anytime when it is raining continuously for days on end and the roots in shallow containers are drowning.

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choosing a bonsai pot container

Selecting a suitable container

10 min read

As part of the 3 part blog series on repotting we will take a look at how the pot you select to plant your tree into influences the overall image and the reaction a viewer is likely to have toward it. By using a trident maple root over rock bonsai tree we place it in several different containers and comment about the effect it has. Familiarizing yourself to these considerations should help you the next time you need to match a tree with the ideal bonsai pot.

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repotting bonsai trees

The Why and When of Repotting your bonsai trees

8 min read

In this the first part of a 3 part blog series on repotting we cover the basic of repotting. We discuss the reasons why it is necessary to repot bonsai trees, the signs to look out for when repotting is needed and briefly discuss how often it is necessary to perform repotting on a tree. No discussion about repotting would be complete without some comment on growing mediums so we will briefly discuss the different groups of mediums with specific reference to some recommended products.

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repotting bonsai trees

Some final tips for winter

5 min read

In this blog post we cover some of the last minute tasks I would recommend for the tail end of winter. These are the tasks covered: Appropriate pruning, weeding before its too late, too much moss, select trees for repotting and preventative plant protection.

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approach grafting bonsai trees

Approach grafting revisited

3 min read

Earlier this season I did quite a number of approach grafts on trident maples and hackberries I have in development. Unlike thread grafts, approach grafts can pretty much be done throughout the growing season which suits me fine as early spring, when thread grafts must be done is way too busy generally.

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japanese red pine bonsai trees

Before and After Japanese Red Pine

3 min read

In this post I thought I would describe the process of a recent styling I did on a collected Japanese Red Pine which I imported a year ago from Japan. Detailed in the text is the different considerations made, the work which was done and what steps will be taken to ensure the future health of the tree, post styling.

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