Bonsai Enthusiast Tool Set

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If you are just starting out with bonsai and need the basic tools to get started then you might wish to consider our Enthusiast Tool Set.

Similar to our Novice Tool Set the Enthusiast Tool Set is a little of an upgrade and includes additional tools which will allow you to perform more techniques including repotting.

Whats included?

Included in this Enthusiast tool set is the following:

  1. 175mm economy Branch cutter, made in China (2013D4).
  2. 90mm Miniature folding saw, made by ARS Japan (ARSIK10R).
  3. 190mm Scissors, made by in China. (2020D6)
  4. 230mm Root hook, made in China (2012D11)

For artists who are demanding of their tools and appreciate high quality then I would advise considering our Master Tool Set.

If you intend this collection as a gift please note that it is not sent gift wrapped and we are unfortunately not able to offer this service either.

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