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Grafting pins, 20pc

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Approach grafting is an invaluable technique used to increase structural branch quantity on developing bonsai material. For more about this technique be sure to read this blog or check out our YouTube channel.

The key to a successful graft is keeping the whip of the branch being used to graft with, absolutely secure. Any movement will sever any fusing of the cambiums between understock and graft, therefore a suitable means to secure the whip is critical.

These grafting pins, exclusively imported from Japan by Bonsai Tree PTY LTD are perfect for the task.

Why these pins?

  1. Has a rubber bumper that will not damage the graft when hammered securely.
  2. Very thin pin makes it easy to hammer into the understock.
  3. Pins can easily be cut to reduce the overall length.
  4. Not easily bent when hammered in.

Further suggestions

Use a sharp, fine-toothed saw to make the groove, order one here. After grafting you will need to seal the area around the graft to ensure the tissue does not dry out. The putty type of sealer is best, order it here.